Dear Friends,

is it just by accident that you stambled onto our site or are you really looking for some further information about us? Whatever reason has brought you onto our site, you are very welcome. Here you will receive some further details about our band and our mission.

We are a bavarian or more specifically a franconian boy group of mostly 12 guys in lederhosen. Our music can be described as “traditional bavarian dance music” or simply as “bavarian pop music”.

Do you plan a beer fest, an oktoberfest or any other festive party? You don’t know which band to invite? Are you bored of the existing top bands and entertainers? Are you looking for a special band? Now, you have found the band you always have been yearning for.

So, invite your friends! Get out your lederhosen! Get out your dirndl (female version of bavarian dress)! Prepare some bratwürstel and sauerkraut! And finally, get in plenty of beer barrels and start the party with “Es-As”. 

We wish you a very joyful time and hope to see you at one of our next gigs.

 “Es-As”, the famous bavarian “Oompah band”